2D II Project 1 – Typography (Final)

Final Development

I have settled on several attributes about myself that I felt I could best incorporate this vintage theme – I’m a breakfast foodie, I love travelling, I am a believer of karma, I’m a type artist in training.

Brainstorming for ideas…

brainstorming-02 brainstorming-01

Final Work

I’m a breakfast foodie

I love breakfast food and I feel that it’s important to start your day with something to eat. I love carbs, that’s why 80% of the graphics drawn are carbs. I thought the caption Rise and Shine deemed fit because we should start the day bright and right, with breakfast. Breakfast makes me happy. Food makes me happy.


I’m a believer of Karma.

I’ve always believed that what goes around, comes around. Like we learnt in art history, we should do good to have a good after life. However, Karma also teaches you to be a better person by doing good, thinking positive and by saying good words. It is something I remind myself daily! The circles and arrows indicate “what goes around, comes around”. I also tried to made the type more circular and round to further emphasise that point/ coincide with the background circles.  The lotus flowers symbolize spiritual enlightenment in Buddhism.


I love travelling.

I’m quite an adventurous person and nothing makes me happier than gaining new experiences to share with my grandkids next time. I found a quote that should be a constant reminder to me and everyone that travelling is life. Life is short and the world is wide, hence, we should take every moment we can to explore and learn before we die.


I’m a type artist in training.

People might not be aware that vintage can be brought back to “life”. Old is gold! I feel very strongly for this statement especially since I love vintage type and I feel like people should appreciate it more. Stranger and Stranger’s vintage themed designs are inspiring because they “make old (vintage) things, new (modern) again”.