Week 4: Plastic Fusing

What is Plastic Fusing:

Plastic fusing can be done through using heat to melt them together (e.g. Iron, hot gun). The plastics will also warp and get distorted once strong heat is applied to it.

Materials needed: Iron, hot gun, baking paper, various types of plastics (bags, fruit netting, bubble wrap, tape etc.), scissors

How it’s done:

Step 1: Cut or tear plastics into smaller pieces and arrange them onto a flat surface.

Step 2: Place baking paper on top of your plastics and iron. Do keep in mind to adjust the heat of the iron accordingly, plastics will melt quickly when very hot heat is applied.

Hot gun:


Had to use the iron to melt certain parts of the plastics, because I wanted a specific colour scheme, and some plastics had colours I didn’t want behind


Personal Reflections: I loved how we could create art out of plastic bags that we dispose off everyday. I think that this is a great way of recycling and saving the earth, instead of purchasing new items, why not make your own. This technique is so simple and fun to do, I hope I can teach my non-art school friends how to do it!