Shamanic Painting

For the first assignment, we were tasked to lie in a dark room and listen to Shamanic music, which is used as a tool to regulate sadness and enhance positive emotions. After which, we had to come up with a painting with the thoughts and ideas collected. I pictured a dot sliding from place to place, bouncing off walls, creating lines and patterns in a systematic way. When the beat became more intensified, the dot’s movement no longer followed a system but rather went into chaos. It is now in water, bouncing and creating intense ripples and waves that spread across the space slowly. When I was done with the painting, the shapes and textures remind me of underwater plants and corals, intertwined with one another. I felt that it encapsulates the contrast between the graceful motion of the plants and the underwater turbulence.

1. First 3 mins of painting to the music

2. Adding more orange and textures

3. Adding more browns and whites… my painting keeps changing!

4. Adding more textures and colours…

5. Final piece!