A blue foam

 This is a 2d sketch of some of our ideas.

it takes a lot to tell a story with three boxes, and everyone took their turns to tell theirs using their own composition- mine was the rules of third.

Using the guidelines provided by Cheryl, along with show-and-tell by my peers, i went to the cutting board again for another attempt on the theme of “Rules of Third”. I create the two sketches as shown, each highlighted by colored annotations. The difference between the current experimentation from the previous one is the added usage of blocks that were contrasting in size, so as to highlight the dynamic composition, with the L being really huge

compared to the S. I attempted to use blocks at varying volumes, with the L three times of the M, and the M three times of the S. An interesting composition i found was the usage of the S block paralleling to the L block shown above, creating an implied negative space along the M, providing a strong 3D effect even on a  photograph.


This is the next attempt, whereby i played on an overlapping rules of third as highlighted by the annotations below. The blocks are placed at a certain direction and angle, staggering the rules of third axis over the other, creating the grids at a diagonal direction show below. In this sketch, i used a more contrasting set of blocks, with a XL, S, and XS sized blue foam to create the 2nd set.


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  1. I see you are getting the hang of using the foamcutter Brendan.:) I liked your collective 2D sketches of everyone’s take on their words.

    Frankly , I prefer Sketch Model 1 because I see D, SD & SO quite clearly although you’ll need to show more than 3 viewpoints of the same model to check that all 3 elements ( D, SD & SO) are consistent.

    Sketch Model 2 might work if you are trying to express extreme contrast. (1 D & 2 SO) Try to express Rule of Thirds not just by the placement of the rectilinear volumes but also their ratio to each other. Ie. How the overall mass\volume of SO is 1/3 of SD & likewise SD is 1/3 of D. As discussed in class.

    You can use a mix of existing boxes & cut foam. Your Sketch models do not have to be entirely out of foam.

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