A cone, a sphere and a cylinder

Top View
Front View
Top Slant View











Back View

This week we were tasked to investigate the relationship between cones, cylinder and spheres. In comparison to the previous tasks, we are required to avoid perpendicular placement, playing with independent, dependent and precarious balance. In the sketch model above, I attempted to explore independent balance with the Dominant Cone being the one as the main support. The subdominant Cylinder is pierced by the Cone. The subordinate Sphere is tilted on the Cylinder. A point to note would be the resemblance of size between the circumference of the cylinder and that of the sphere.


Model 2.

Front View











Top Slant View
Bottom Slant View
Horizontal View

In this model, I attempt to investigate precarious balance as the Subordinate Cone and the Subdominant Cylinder depend on each other to balance- with the tip of the cone and edge of the cylinder being the main axis of support. The Dominant sphere is placed on the cylinder, on a dynamic position of rolling down.

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  1. Hi Brendan thanks for the early post. For Model 1, your sphere (SO) is too similar to the cylinder (SD) in diameter. For Model 2, the sphere (D) needs to be 1.5 – 2 times bigger. Looks similar to the cylinder (SD) as well.

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