A crocodile king and his dentist

A description of a crocodile and plover bird’s perspective, senses and movements.

Billabong King Crocodile-  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfcUXdWIyaA

The King looks for lunch (03:58)

The Billabong King Crocodile is a massive creature, scaring the little crocodiles in the river with his status as the alpha crocodile. He stares into the murky water, waiting for the right time to ambush the tinier crocodile. The Kings eyes, ears and nose are built on the top of his skull, allowing him to see, hear and smell even though he is completely submerged. His acute sense of smell allows him to smell food distances away even when the water is too murky to see anything. He stays afloat in the middle of the river, motionless like a statue. Swift but quick, he sneaks up the little crocodile with food and slams hard into the little crocodile, forcing it to release the food.He relies on his acute sense of judgement, a force imbedded into him by nature, judging whether a particular situation is necessary for him to react or not.

The Billabong King is graceful in the water, swerving from left to right like a snake slithering on land. Its tiny arms gently raised afloat in the water, not touching the ground at all. With one push, it propels forward like a jet of water, ambushing the little crocodile. It grabs onto the duck with its jaws, locked shut. It unlocks its jaws and allows the duck to be swallowed whole, it munches and munches, finally swallowing the last of the visible feathers. Satisfied with its recent meal, it slowly seeps back into the river bed, descending down with grace.

The Egyptian Dentist Mr Plover (2:10)

The Plover bird- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_LT2TCARZmE

Mr Plover the Dentist came flying over, even though Mr Plover normally only helps African Crocodiles, deciding to comfort the King after hearing his sad life.He flew over the vast sky, but flying against the wind current was too difficult with his tiny little body. He went down a few metres to the gentle wind, gliding over the forest with breeze. The rustling of the tree could be heard as Mr Plover flew through tree branches with ease. He saw the King

Mr Plover sits on the King’s opened mouth, picking out food for himself, while cleaning the King’s mouth at the same time. The King was due for an infection. This was mutualism as both the King and Mr Plover benefitted. This is a symbiotic relationship.All Mr Plover could see was the darkness that began from deep within the Kings throat, pinkish hue that brightens out into the gummy flesh. Each and every peck chirping onto each tooth- and the King had many teeth. Mr Plover held onto his footing by grabbing on one big tooth for support. The roof of the King’s mouth became a shelter for Mr Plova to hide from the sun, pecking away while the King laid absolutely still, in case he got hungry again.

The King has a throne fight (8:08)

The King swims around the river with his eyes above the surface, patrolling his territory. He swerves from left to right, gently, just so to focus on the environment for enemies or potential mates. His movements start from his snout, jiggling in a wave-like motion to his tail, in an undulating S-shape. The moment he spots a foe, he slips back into the water like a shadow disappearing upon touching light. He reappears in front of the enemy, staring into each other, motioning in circle to test out each other’s patience. No one blinks.The king raises his scaly body that is covered with hardened scale to intimidate the enemy, only to receive an equal response. He uses his massive tail to slam the challenger, swerving a whole 360 degrees. The enemy gets pushes back a whole metre. The king wins. He follows and pursuits the challenger, with his head above the water and nothing else but ripple following his movement, similar to a jet-ski propelling overthe water. The loser swims away in a desperate plea.

The King finds a Queen(10:49)

The King travels a great distance to find the rumbling sound made by his potential Queen. The King blows bubble out of his snout to increase his libido, enticing the Queen. Bubbles made it adequate. The Queen raises her snout, allowing the King to come and make royal babies with her. (Censored)

The Queen finds a home on land(13:37)

It is a pity that the Billabong King Crocodile is destined to live a life of solitude. He leaves the Queen to fend for herself and  the Queen went off finding a home for the children and her. She paddles across the river with her eyes above the water level, this time with less grace and agility. The Queen steps out of the water and  onto the land to set up her home, fiercely protecting the nest she built. She waddles alternately with her front left leg-hind right leg, and from right leg—hind left leg. Pop and 80 eggs came out. It was too dark to see anything.

The King misses her (15:50)

Its the morning after she left. The King cannot move as it was too warm. He just laid there motionless on the ground. The nearby wallaby came out to play while the king was motionless on the ground, where he was slow and weak. The King goes into the water, lurking in a distance, staring at the every movement of the wallaby. The strategy of the King is clear now, looking from a far, proceeding over by lurking within the water, hardly a ripple, and then jumping out with his jaws open at 12 meters per second. Breakfast. He swerves from left to right with the wallaby in his jaws, again in an elastic S-shape, tearing the wallaby into pieces.

(24:15)  The King cannot move on a hot day. He depended the vessels on his scaly back to be heated up by the sun. This meant that he couldn’t move for a long while. He just laid there by the riverbed, with his jaws ajar, staring into the distance for preys or predator. He opened his mouth to cool down and  could then thin clearly from the heat.

The Young Prince (28:30)

A few months past and the hatchlings broke out of the shell. The little prince has to withstand the. cruel world and try to survive. The only difference between the Prince and the King is that the Prince can only hunt for food on land. He is an adaptable hunter by blood. He waddles across the muddy field, chasing after mudskippers and crabs, who are much easier and less mobile targets, albeit satisfying. He pops his head forward to eat the mudskipper, and promptly plod back into the water.

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