A week 11 update (SplitChef)

Progressing towards the end of semester, we expedited the process of our final project: Split Chef. We took to the 3rd space to discuss how to proceed with our project, fixing the tiny glitches we encountered during our trial run.

After much discussion, we cleared our doubts and set the date to 9th April to carry out our final project.


  • Instincts like bee stings

Previously discussed in the trial run, we mentioned that some players tend to have instincts with cooking and this instincts can be sharp enough to pick out certain clues. For instance, ludicrous instructions like frying for 20 seconds might not seem to be too little but to some it doesn’t seem like a problem at all. To maintain the sanctity of the project, we decided to uphold a strict level of instruction following, where the cook has to accurately present or execute the instructions by the drawer.

  • Hi-five for wifi

During the trial run, we had problems with the wifi and data as the pantry we visited had very thick walls. This time round, we borrowed a pantry within the same area for efficiency sake, but we tested out the wifi connectivity beforehand. There were even electric plugs located in the pantry in case our phones run out of battery.

  • Chicken and equipment

If you watched the video, you would realise that we did not have a chopping board or a frying pan that was useable and we had to make use with what we had. This was uncomfortable for the cook as well as the moderator. We have to bring enough equipments for the execution day itself.


Look back at the previous Split Chef post for more information!

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