An interesting object

The tripod

This is a $30 configurable tripod. This is 3-dimensionally interesting to me. It is extendable and changes in size accordingly. I like how the matt black contrasts to the metallic silver, highlighted by tints of blue. It is symmetrical on both sides with exception of the hinge on the top. There is also a negative space of a conical within the tripod’s standee. This is a tripod.



Findings after 3D class showcase

After showcase, i realized the extent to which how different design concepts affect the product design of this tripod.       Colour concept. The interest i found in the idea of matt black versus metallic silver descends into the triptyke of dominant, subdominant and subordinate identities- with matt black being dominant, silver being subdominant, and blue being subordinate, each playing an irreplaceable role. For example, the absence of blue tint on the tripod head denounces the color harmony of the tripod.      The play of volume is also important. It is where the audience are visually made to separate parts into different sizing or volume, such as the tripod head being a S size contrasting to the L size of the tripod legs. This gives the object a visually dynamic presence, having a  heavier base and thinner head.


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  1. Hi Brendan, good job with the 2D Sketch Analysis (Do show a top or bottom view as well.) Perhaps you can try to set “Feature Image” for your posts next round and also look at how to display the tripod images slightly bigger. You are quite right, the blue adds the finishing touch to your retractable tripod and the relationships of Dominant and Subdominant change when you extend the metallic arm 😉

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