Art Nouveau

a dragonfly
and its surrounding



new view

After a stroll through the Botanics Garden, I happened to notice a tiny dragonfly perching on a green stalk.

I found this scene quite interesting as there were a few elements that were visually dynamic. Firstly the dragonfly was just sitting on the tip of the leaf minding its own business, being comfortable in its own environment. Secondly there were still morning dew even though it was already 5p.m. And thirdly we were near a water body. I realised this dragonfly was living in its own version of a HDB flat and this was the Singapore culture I was looking for ,albeit rudimentary in its aesthetics.

The graphic above expresses the art nouveau quality with its usage of floral and fauna as icons. Even though I didn’t use curves, I took elements of abstraction and turned the dew into circles. I kept a minimum use of colours but using clear cut, criss cross lines to respect the dynamic and bold lines art nouveau employs.

This is Singapore culture as it is merely a visualisation of the urban lifestyle we surround ourselves with, projected onto the organic “skyscrapers” the dragonfly lives in. It stands on the point that art nouveau wants to transform architecture into something living and floral-like.

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  1. Interesting concept. Feels very art nouveau while also drawing on modernist influences through the grid designs. Not sure if I’d want this for a wallpaper though 😛

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