Bao House

“Singapore” 2018

This is Singapore as a budding nation, transforming from the dull baby blue circle filled with endless potential into the vibrant triangle that propels into the endless void.

The upwards gradient of red to yellow signifies a transition of banality into energy and vibrancy. There are also multiple triangles of varying warm colours to signify the resilience we share as a country that defies the odds of many conflicts. With triangular shadows placed below to create a spatial illogicality.

There are however, two varying versions of spheres: one baby blue and one dark blue. The baby blue represents the infinite potential with decreasing opacity to reveal transparency, as a statement to the political environment in Singapore, whereas the dark blue sphere that is slightly smaller creates visual weight to imply sturdiness and foundation, holding balance in the asymmetrical perspective in the picture.

The dark blue sphere offshoots into multiple horizontal and vertical lines of different weight, paying tribute to Singapore’s skyline as well as the concept of Constructivism in a Singaporean context. The diagonal lines with weaker weight in one end helps to create the spatial awareness within the picture.


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