A clock time

In preparation of the next project revolving around time, we experimented with clock time as a technique of our work. Clock time, also known as objective or actual time, is time quantitively measured by regularly recurring events of intervals. This stems out into both linear and circular time, shown by my short video below.

My idea stems from the penrose stairs, which is an infinite illusion of a staircase. I got the inspiration from the definition of circular time, which was an infinite cycle of a repetitive scene. The narrative goes along with a VR perspective of someone walking down the staircase, but the staircase keeps repeating itself as you descend it.


A yellow day- Exercise 1: Scale & Framing

A yellow day

This is Dion- she is soul (so) funky. In the wide spectrum of colour theory, yellow speaks to her personality the most as she is an energetic and positive person. I chose to highlight this sunny side of her with this photograph, shot from the low angle that captured her quirky facial expression. The usage of beanbag in the foreground was intended to act as a barrier, seemingly intruding into her private moment of acting goofy.


Dion takes life at her own pace- she is a cool person. This photograph was shot from a wide angle, capturing a still of her sitting on a beanbag in the middle of the lobby, undeterred by the looks of the public. The direct camera gaze in the middle of a wide shot enhances the sense of “chill”.


Dion is also a mysterious person because I have only known her for 2 weeks, there is more to learn about her as a person. In this wide angle shot, i tweaked the focus to strip away the details of the background, then further deprived the resolution by lowering the light sensitivity- creating a depth of mystery.