Manifesto: Pillow Paradox

P i l l o w p a r a d o X  (Inspired by Tracey Emin’s The Bed)

The sentiments of a contemporary art player.

We spend our time conceptualising and tire ourselves. We develop insomnia for that piece of flakey idea. We fall asleep in that short pause, trying to remind ourselves with a mental stamp.

Our pillow becomes the very source we juice our creativity from, especially for me. Wrangled and discoloured- it only shows how much time I spent brainstorming on the brain rest.

In the melting pot of art movements, there are bound to be paradox of identities and beliefs that young artist will fall into. Fluxus rejected commercialisation and bourgeois culture whereas Neo-Conceptualist embraces entrepreneurial spirit and sellable art. Abstract Expressionism wanted philosophy and rationality whereas Dada denied that logic. There should be a place where all these paradox come together.

Dada threw the pencil away, conceptualise conceptual purpose and have a service of mind.

Neo-Conceptualism puts on a strategic price tag and knows what and how is being sold.

Fluxus magnified whats before, stripped it to its essential understanding and know how to use it.

Abramovic performed the truth to her best understanding, and stood by her beliefs.

We should all connect on a humanly level, a camera, product , interaction and I.

We should all nourish with knowledge and never stop learning from others.

Never use the first.

Never use whats easy.

Never copy entirely.

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