Artist Research #1 : On Kawara

On Kawara Book

On Kawara created paintings, drawings, books, and recordings that examined chronological time and its function as a measure of human existence. Artistic practice was characterized by its meditative approach to concepts of time, space, and consciousness.

Works of On Kawara that interest me

  • “Today” Series
  • “I Got Up, I Met and I Went.”
  • “I Am Still Alive”




4.JUNI 2001, 2001

from “Today” series, 1966-2013
Acrylic on canvas





On Kawara, I Went 1968–79. Clothbound loose-leaf binders with plastic sleeves and inserted printed matter. Inserts: Ink on photocopy


On Kawara I am still alive


On Kawara, Telegram to Sol LeWitt, February 5, 1970. From I Am Still Alive, 1970–2000. Telegram. 5 3/4 x 8 in. (14.6 x 20.3 cm).



Quotes from book #1

‘Words are essentially flawed by arbitrariness and that art exist “beyond languages” ‘ pg.50

In Japan, railway timetable are always accurate within 30seconds, while in Mexico, the railways to the countryside could be late even for days. This “relativity of time” the idea that even the perception of time might be culturally determined. pg.53

The logical conclusion clearly is that anybody, anywhere and anytime, can make art un-self-consciously out of anything. pg.55

“Pure consciousness” is a classroom where ‘I don’t know’ is the right answer. pg.105

Books researched

1.) Watkins, J., Denizot, R., & Kawara, O. (2002). On Kawara: ‘tribute’ London: Phaidon.

2.) Kawara, O. (2002). On Kawara: Consciousness, mediatation, watcher on the hills. Dijon: Presses du réel.

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