Proposal : Self.

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Keywords : Time, Self, Observation, Present, Discovery, Consciousness, Language


This is the final year of school, once one graduates, the real world beckons. But how can one face the real world without knowing who one is and what one wants.


A project on finding oneself through a series of self observation exercises/mini projects. It is in essential a project of self discovery and maturation of one “soul”.


Self observation and meditative works that is done analogue –> digital. Info-graphic compilation of daily observation into a main body of work that connects emotionally.

*Adding more once I get a final gist of my overall fyp work.

Visuals: Spaces and Perception

Dear reader. Don’t read by: Ulises Carrión
La Trahison des images (Ceci n’est pas une pipe) by: Rene Magritte

‘The Treachery of Images’ cleverly highlights the gap between language and meaning. The first work I linked by Ulises Carrion was something I came across a few days back in Museo Reina Sofía, Madrid. The simple framed text pulls the viewer in to read, to ponder, to visualise. While the meaning in the text contradicts the setting of it and the environment it’s in.

by: Andrea Fraser (1991)
by: Andrea Fraser (1991)

This got me interested in the setting and space a work is placed in. A performance piece by Andrea Fraser perfectly sums up the thoughts I feel about how a space affects the work. Creating illusion and elevating a work to a certain status just because it is framed and in a certain space. I caught the video work in a museum in Barcelona but couldn’t find a good link online to share. (

Visuals: LED Mix Medium

Kanagawa Cowabunga” by island6 (Liu Dao)

“Old Homes after it’s all Said and Done” (故园风雨后)

Modern LED (light emitting diodes), neon installation and laser technology, together with traditional medium of arts, such as paper cutting and painting. island6 aims to create an avant-garde art scene from this collaboration of all things new and old.

The mix of the “old” arts with the new is one visual I’m really interested in, and having seen his gallery in Shanghai before, it was truly a unique experience. This breaks the perception that I had of a framed work being static and flat. The ability to tell a story with a gif is also what pulls me towards this mix medium.

The Space In-between

This is the second proposal I have floating in my brain at the same time as I guess it’ll be good to just put it out there. I figure I could somehow tie it together with my first idea.

Gist / Details:

My aim is to find answers or create them about the question I always had in the back of my mind, what happens before life happens and after life fades away? This unknown plays a huge factor in how a life is being lived. Imagine knowing that there is actually nothing after death, would morals and social etiquette matter anymore?

The significance of this project is that by having an understanding of the before and after of one’s life, one would live their life differently, maybe with a purpose, maybe with a different outlook of how they should behave, but overall with a change.

References and proposed readings:

Ma: Harmony, Balance and the In-Between (FYP 2012/2013)

by: Tan Luting

Religious Texts of all Faith

eg. Bible, Quran, Buddhist text on Nirvana / After-life

Kant’s take on Faith

eg. (

(More Philosophy text, need more research on this)

Scientific Journal on the moments before death / near death experience.

eg. (

Black Hole : Point of Entry or Departure.

This is the main idea I’m looking to work on and expand with. The medium I’m currently toying around is either an interactive panel or a zine with a short film. I’ll update with more visuals / writings / sketches once I’m back from overseas in late June.


Gist of the Idea:

The perception of the human mind and sight to the entry and the departure of life.The breaking away of the fear of the afterlife and the uncertainty one feels for death or for life itself.

The different perception of a Black Hole through,

scientific approach

religious approach

personal approach

The key tasks for this FYP would be to allow the Scientific, Religious and Personal aspect of the Black Hole to blend together to create a unifying conclusion to my fear of the unknown.


The aim of this project is to understand my own fear of the unknown and face it, using the black hole as a metaphor of the uncertainty and unknowns in my life. Through this journey I hope to eventually be able to face the future for what it is, both a way in or out.

The fear of the unknown is the base for the research into the black hole, with so little being known about it still and my fascination of it being a possibility into another dimension, breaking our concept of time and space.

According to NASA, “A black hole is a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light can not get out. The gravity is so strong because matter has been squeezed into a tiny space. This can happen when a star is dying. Because no light can get out, people can’t see black holes. They are invisible.”

I chose the Black Hole as a representation because of the different ways you could perceive it. It could be seen as a new beginning to an alternate universe, an end to one’s life when the singularity shreds one’s body to pieces or a point where time stops. A black hole drawn on a piece of paper could be also seen as either an entry or a departure just base on one’s perception.

Works / Movements References:

Group Zero

Lucio Fontana – Concetto spaziale, Attese

“Destroy the Picture: Painting the Void, 1949-1962”

Azra Aghighi Bakhshayeshi