Ripples about me











To create a ripple about me, I guess the way I would want to look at myself or someone is to know the different emotion or thought process they have on a daily basis for the current period. I believe the way someone views their day/life is a good indicator of the kind of person they are.

For me, I couldn’t find 10 different emotions to describe how I feel during a normal day, so there is only 6. They are

  • Absurdity
  • Transient
  • Free
  • Fearful
  • Noise (not an emotion but it’s basically the fluff and distraction in life)
  • Peace

I guess for this current time with my research into my FYP on the self and existentialism my thoughts and emotions are strongly affected by it. But I’m starting to have a realist attitude to what’s going on during my day/life and it’s kinda nice to notice all of it at the end of the day for a period of time.

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