Scanography – Alternative Cataloging/”Photography”

“Scannography (also called scanography, Scanner Photography or
Scan-art) is a new way to represente the world around us.”

It is an alternative form of photography but the differences is quite huge.  A few of them are the absence of perspective and of depth of field, the regularity of the light captured by thousands of captors. I felt it creates a new perspective to the way images is captured and also gives a tactile connection with the object/person I’m capturing.


scanner hadnheld






A scanner could be a tool to use for my self-observation instead of photography. I bought a handheld portable scanner for flexibility in terms of time and place, allowing me the freedom to observe without the constraint. Below shows the sample images I tested with the scanner, playing around just to get the feel of it. After looking at references of scanography artistes online, I noticed that I’ll need a clear flat surface to “squash” my objects to be able to properly capture it, otherwise it’ll glitch up, which may not be a bad thing as well.






















Taotronics DS001 Handheld Scanner

Artist Reference #1: Rebecca Wild

“I specialises in the technique of scanography, resulting in work that is both experimental and spontaneous.Using the scanner as both a camera and a canvas, I question the way art is formed and approach the idea of creating art in a new light.” She creates abstract pieces using paint and the nature of fluidity that evokes movement even with the freeze frame nature of a scanner.

IMG_0006 alchemistvision













Artist Reference #2: Angki Purbandono


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