Interactive 2 Veejay (Bridgel, Viena, Mavis)

For this Veejay assignment Mavis Viena and I have worked together to optimise the patch which LP has posted on dropbox!

In the main patch, we changed the threshold value to allow the contrast between the background and the trigger object to be more prominent hence the camera can now detect when the object is moved across the boxes

This is in the pPlaySound patch and what we have change is that instead of putting all the sound into a list like in the original patch we have separated them out so that the sounds can overlap one another and play more than 1 sound at a time when more than 1 box is triggered at any moment

This is the send sequence patch which sends the steps to the main patch so that the boxes coordinates can be controlled

The final change we made was to the p Pix patch which we tried to add 8 different pictures to be triggered by different boxes, but for some reason (perhaps the pictures are too small) it just shows a black box so we decided not to include it in our video

Interactive 2 Brad Pitt

Am using Nicki’s face for this assignment because who doesn’t want blonde and pink bangs amirite?

Here is the end result! The image of Nicki was pretty blur at first so I lowered the mode number on jit.fastblur and it helps a little.

Made some small changes to the step 1 patch in order to fix the issue of the face size constantly changing. I added a jit.matrix in order to restrain the image of Nicki within a fixed size, and it looked a lot better after that (: