1. Hurray  Bridgel ! 🙂 Concise infographics.. .Keep the OSS research posts coming….

    001_chocolate graphs + smell & memory research

    002_how do humans hear & feel research + sound texturiser applications pdf

    003_oxpecker research + 2D & 3D movement diagram analysis & sculpture, Dialogue In the Dark experience journey maps & space sculpture….

    Alot has taken place since your 1st OSS upload… Gambare!!

  2. Just reviewed your pdf. The concept is very poetic. I love it! What are the 3 KEY words driving your sound design? As well as 2 different applications? I can already think of one: A tea flower infuser/ kettle set…where you can let the tea seep & breathe better with the additional fan inset & it produces a ‘whistling kettle’ effect with your numerous pipes when the water initially boils. Can  you do a photo montage for me of that? Also add a live sound video of your creation on OSS, please 🙂  You’ll have think of another possible application… A human-size “musical  snow globe” ?

    In Japanese, towards the end of the Hanami 花見  season, where the Sakura flower petals 桜 花びら start to fall & scatter everywhere in the wind , they call the effect Fubuki 吹雪 because it looks like soft pelting snow. Also it brings good luck when a sakura petal falls into your tea as you are picnicking under a Sakura tree.   I would have named your design Fubuki, Snow storm in a Teacup 😉