Experience 2 Proposal

Mavis, Viena and I were unable to complete Experience 2 in time because our materials didn’t arrive in time so we will submit the final next week, but in the meantime this is our concept!

Our concept is based on the idea of truth. We decided to use fake apples as our object since the apple is a symbol of truth in the Bible (Adam and Eve seeing the truth about the world after eating the apple). We purchased 50 foam apples in bulk from the internet and are currently waiting for them to arrive!

The fake apple that we ordered haha

We have decided that we will be doing this in the form of an installation that engages the public. In each apple, we will be rolling up a small piece of paper which contains a “truth” about the world and placing it in a hole at the bottom of the apple. The apples will be hung from trees with fishing line in a public place, and a sticker will be placed on the apple saying “PICK ME” so that people know that they can pick and keep the apple and read the “truth” inside it.

That is it for now! Will update again next week when we have completed the project!