This moodboard encompasses a more traditional Chinese feel, and is based on actual star charts originating from ancient China.

The second moodboard has a more contemporary scientific feel, and I based it off interactive planetariums that I found on the internet as well as Google Sky. It can be done through Processing and has a more datascape-like feel.

Additionally, here are some video/tutorial resources I found which may potentially help in my execution:



I have been continuing with my research on Processing and while on Tumblr I stumbled across something called Generative Art/Creative Coding:

There is a lot of similar art especially on Tumblr where there is a whole community of “generative artists” who specifically make use of Processing to create GIFs and stills like these! This is a really exciting discovery for me because it’s something quite similar to what I’m going for in terms of visuals and software wise.


Discovering the genre of generative art has also helped me narrow down my research on technique and I found a tutorial online which shows you how to code the above constellation effect on Processing. This is a great help and definitely something I will refer to (: In terms of interactivity (should I choose to do it) this is something that I could go for.