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From “location” to “place” – GeoGuessr

In light of today’s discussion we had in class about what separates a “place” from a “location” and what gives a place its meaning, I just wanted to share about this game called GeoGuessr I have played before which I think aptly shows the concept of how devices are what turns a location into a place:

In this game, the player is assigned a random location on Earth from Google maps and must make a guess as to which part of the Earth this location is. Often, a pretty good guess can be made using observations like road signs, climate or vehicles. Apart from being devices or objects in the place, they also act as markers which tell us more about the place such as what the weather is like, what language is spoken there, and whether it is a developed or rural area. From these observations of the “place”, we as people will use our preconceived ideas/stereotypes of what we think certain places look like and as such assign it to a location that we think it belongs to.

If you are bored and have some free time you can check the game out as it’s pretty fun and a good way to kill time and learn a little about other countries!