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Micro Project 2: Open Source Artwork (Bridgel, Viena, Clarita, Ling Ern)

For this micro project, we created our open source artwork using Processing which is an open source software!

We appropriated a code from an open source website ( which allows us to input images and text, and it will use the text to re-create the image.

To source the image and text, we used different social media and communication platforms. So the images were sourced by crowd sourcing on Instagram, and the texts were sourced by asking friends on messaging platforms (Whatsapp and Telegram).

And here are the results of the photos from people on Instagram:

So when we randomly input someone else’s chosen text along with a photo someone else has contributed, the resulting image is an artwork which has been collectively created by the 2 people!

Photo from King, text from Darryl

Photo from Xinyi, text from Andree

These platforms encourage communication between us and our friends/audience and it is really easy for people to contribute to this piece. As the artists we took a step back and all we did was use the platform (Processing) which was obtained from open source and we “gave” it to the audience as a platform to show their chosen/contributed pieces.