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Project 3 Research & Ideation

For this project we were tasked to illustrate collaterals for an event of our choice. I had the idea to do the branding for NTU’s Yunnan Garden because I was doing a video for the Chinese Heritage Centre for another module, for the opening event of the Yunnan Garden. So I thought it would be good if I could do the branding for the same event!

Concept PDF:

To decide on what I wanted to specifically illustrate, I decided to take a look into the history of Nanyang University and the Yunnan Garden. I took a visit to the Chinese Heritage Centre to get some ideas, and I found a picture book which gave a lot of insight into what Nanyang University was like in the past! Here are some interesting pages from the book:

I decided to include some of the historical elements I found in the book into the illustrations, such as the durian & rambutan trees, and the pagoda and arch. I also decided to include some of the wildlife found around NTU in the illustration. Knowing this, I went ahead with illustrating the individual elements!