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Week 1 Assignment


Bridgel is currently a full-time student in her third year at Nanyang Technological University’s School of Art, Design and Media (ADM), majoring in Interactive Media. She is an aspiring artist and designer who has experience in a range of skills, such as digital illustration, interactive installations, motion graphics and coding.

Bridgel’s background is as a digital illustrator, as she has loved drawing all her life and created her own comics as a hobby before enrolling as an art student. Since coming to ADM, she has also found a passion in installation art and gained experience in different fields relating to art, design and media.

Bridgel is passionate in issues pertaining to society and this can often be seen in her works. She hopes that, through her arts and design practice, she can bring her audience to question their role in society and the state of the world today. As of current times, Bridgel has been fascinated about surveillance and its role as a tool of security or intimidation, and she hopes to explore more on the topic through her future works.

Sample of Work


Inspiration: The Future Laboratory

Click on the above link to view the full project!

One of my favourite studios that I draw inspiration from is The Future Laboratory. As suggested by their name their design philosophy is derived from speculative design, meaning that they would design things based on how they speculate the future would be like through their extensive research and observations.

The above project, Food and Drinks Timelines, is one of my favourite projects from them. It is about speculating how food and drinks will be sold and marketed in the future years based on our consumption patterns today, and on possible food shortages and trade agreements.

Since they are not really designing for a client per se but rather they are designing this in order to inform and educate viewers on the possible consequences of their habits, I feel that in a way what they do is an intersection between art and design. For me it really speaks to me because the subjects they touch on are things that I am interested in and care deeply about myself, and I feel that this has the potential to reach out to many people and change their mindset.