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Forrest Gump – Silk Screen Printing

Task: Pick 4 quotes from the same movie / 4 different movies.
I selected the Dreamworks Animation Production of Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. For largely the fact that it was really the first movie that had brought me right into the heart of animation, and my love for animals. It was a classic, 2002-piece that spoke of the struggles between mankind and nature. Of how sometimes nature can simply not be tamed, no matter the feats of modern mankind.

The movie had little dialogue, where most of it was a voice-over from the inner narration of the Main Character (the mustang; stallion’s) thoughts and responses, making the words seem more precious to me.

spirit_stallion_of_the_cimarron_posterMovie poster for the Animation

1 2 4








Screenstills from the movie

The 4 quotes I picked are: (the italic areas are the shortened ver.)
1) “They say the Journey of the West was written from the Saddle of a Horse, but it has never been told from the Heart of one.

2) “I remember the Sun and the Sky, and the Wind calling my Name. In a time, when wild horses ran Free.”

3) “Racing with the Eagle, Soaring with the Wind. Flying? At times I believe I could.”

4)“The hoofbeats were many, but our Hearts were One.”

I chose to focus in on the more visual aspects of the quote, and played around mainly with the elements through different interpretations.

Quote 1 Study)

I selected the buffalo skull as the fastest symbol to represent the West (Wild West America), the book and quill as documentation and the carriage/sled as the horse figure (with a horseshoe to further its identity).

Buffalo Skull: The iconic imagery we would see regarding the Wild West.
Book and Quill: Standard forms of recording History.
Sled: Horses are effectively transport to us, hence I went down the line of thought using what the horses are made to do as a symbol of what they are in our eyes.


Thoughts: The piece seemed a little empty for me, and I didn’t like this quote as much as the others.

Quote 2 Study) 


I went for a more map-looking feel for this quote, feeling more rather than thinking. Hence it might explain the arcs, wavy looking curves in this design since I was trying to capture the quickness of the wind. I tried to base it off a little more towards a tarot-card design, since there’s a tarot card that is genuinely called the Sun. I love the fact that tarot cards manage to bring out the appeal in the antique style as well.

The Sun: a literal representation (mimicking tarot style)

The Sky: The clouds and water (about how skies are blue due to the refraction of colour from the sea)
Wind: Wind vane supporting all the characters and the old man blowing the gust of wind (akin to a children storybook)

Thoughts: I felt that the design simply wasn’t representative of what I wanted; being something simple and to the point. It was a good exploration of different methods to present the meanings though.

Quote 3 Study) [selected this]

I adored the force behind the rocket and how well it represented the quote then. The rocket also clearly remained an area of focus, with the compass being above as though there was a map, yet not restricted to its confines.
The simple design of the wings also brought out the details more. I had initially planned to use :

Eagle wing (PNG)

Yet, when I combined them together, it was overtly messy and it took the focus away from the rocket (which represented the main character as a horse, wild and free).

The background came from this:
freevector-antique-clouds-drawingI colour-halftoned the picture, as thought to as as a technique to emphasise the picture. Cleaned up the border edges and made it less intense (dark) round the sides as well.

INITIALLY, I wanted to create a more emblem-looking design since I was more into the illustrative aspect of the quote:
racing_1My professor suggested me to look into more abstract, less literal designs; which served as my yardstick through creating the other three designs.

Thoughts: I love the quote the most of the three, and generally focused on on bringing out the freedom and strength from the quote itself.

Quote 4 Study)


It was important to represent unity within the quote, as it was what I had thought would be the most appropriate, single word to describe the entire quote. I chose to add the heart in, since it is the crux the message for the quote. I adored the aesthetics of the final result, thought it seemed a little too cluttered for me, and that the details might get lost during the transfer to the silkscreen.

Plants at the bottom: (Fruiting) They are bunched together and gnarled together like a close-bunch of family members. I like how vines and the veins intertwine each other naturally as well.


The tap/ hose at the top was to represent the impending release/ gush of emotions for the family; largely towards feelings of elation.

Lastly, the most important aspect was the flower language behind the flower in the centre (the most crucial spot): Rose. Roses, in flower language; represents the meaning of unity. It stemmed from the heart, hence the feeling of unity comes from deep within.


Overall thoughts:
The search for appropriate pictures to match the rendering style and feel of the picture is a little taxing, since they need to be complimenting in order to look harmonious as a whole. The general gestalt of the composition have to be placed into consideration consistently as well. Infact, I collected so much more possible antique/ vintage styled art than I ever needed. It is truly an interesting project though nevertheless.



After selecting the designs, we had to print it out on transparency. Layering it with two prints make the piece darker (better see through on the silkscreen).

20161007_132122 20161007_135105

Silkscreen itself.

20161007_172532After applying the emulsion, we exposed the transparency through harsh light from a machine within the Red room.

20161007_172518 20161007_172517

Had quite a bit of fun inside running in and out, say cheese everyone!

20161007_175017 20161007_175030Then, it was the test-prints. The feeling of printing on newsprint and on the actual tote bag was vastly different though (due to the rough texture)

img-20161014-wa0024Add Ink at the top, then swoosh.

img-20161014-wa0026 img-20161014-wa0023

Then, peel it off slowly.



First Attempt: Too Dark!


Finally, on the second attempt. Satisfied!

Thoughts: Really interesting project, never quite did anything like it before. I know more about the silkscreen printing now; perhaps I will fiddle with it in the near future with personal projects if there’s time during the holidays. It is definitely fun and insightful!


Looking under the Microscope SEM (Project 3 – SEM)

To recreate the SEM texture of an object

We had to recreate the texture and feeling of an object: to which I picked the human skin; for its coarseness and rough texture is interesting to experiment around with. I went along the lines of wanting to use food as a material since it is an area that I haven’t quite explored before yet.


SEM of Human Skin

20161013_134713 20161013_134746

Gathered some foam board and felt paper to experiment around with. I went with orange skin as the medium as I feel its undulations and roughness is best representative of the human skin’s characteristics.
I tried attaching the human skin together firstly through white glue, before I felt that the stickiness of it is not firm enough to hold the pieces together.

20161013_135017 20161013_135548 20161013_135751 20161013_140334

In the end, I figured that using the glue gun would be a better alternative.

20161013_140536 20161013_141056 20161013_154732 20161013_154754

Done with the human skin area, I figured I should venture a little more with the materials I have on hand.


Added the felt paper at the back like a backing to the skin; acting almost like the human muscle structure beneath.

20161020_162154 20161020_162204 20161020_162212 20161020_162219

It is definitely an interesting and different kind of project to endeavour; never quite did a project with actual food before so it was eye-opening. The glue acted as a deterrent for ants, and I suppose that orange skin is perfect for repelling ants as well.

Stringing together a Sculpture (Project 2 – String Sculpture)

To connect strings together in an interesting manner –
I bought some flexible mahjong paper to test out a more flexible material for the strong sculpture; tested out an outrageous colour of yellow to try something out from my comfort zone.

20160908_173459 20160908_17351720160908_173455 20160908_173448 20160908_173441

The first Prototype didn’t turn out as well as I had expected with White Fishing Lines – they were hard to prick through the paper and to use as a material for sewing. Decided to go with something softer and more bendable.

20160908_173436 20160908_173426 20160908_173420

For the second prototype, I liked the feeling of strength that the horizontal lines gave. They also lead our vision in straight lines; an easy focal point. I went ahead and picked up the black and white strings to use for the final product from Daiso.

20160915_160000 20160915_160010

Third prototype – tested the usage of straight instead of leading lines. I liked the effect, hence I adopted it for the final product.

20160922_150919 20160922_150911 20160922_150902 20160922_150858 20160922_150849

20160922_172502 20160922_172508 20160922_172517 20160922_172512 20160922_172520

And finally, the final product. I used the plastic sheet for its malleable flexibility. Its a challenge to predict and balance out the tension in order not to overtax certain areas of the plastic. Counteracted some of the faults and collapse of the structure by increasing a separate section of tension to the structure.

All I can say about the project, is that to balance and create an appealing structure at the same time is challenging; whilst looking organising yet interesting to look at.

Making Something out of Nothing (Project 1 – 3D)

To recreate Animals / Humanoid-looking objects from Waste Materials

We visited the flea market on Sungei Road to grab some materials (bought):

  • Some old shades (as the lady bug’s potential eyes)
  • Some metal contraption from a bike (the red piece from the toolbox)
  • An old fishing reel


Materials all gathered here (with extras from home)


Prototype (Animal 1 – Ladybug Done!)

20160825_170405 20160825_170415


Top view from Front




Top View from Back



Made a small whale out of the remaining parts of what’s left.

20160825_174328 20160825_174331 20160825_174335Did a naked molerat from the bicycle parts I picked up, combined it together with the back of the torchlight.

It was quite an interesting project, since we had to work round what we had, and what could be found at the market. Hence we couldn’t plan ahead that much in terms of what possible animals we could do. It dawned upon us much later that the basic shape and essence of the animal was what was generally more important in terms of representing an animal (aka. the trunks of an elephant, the wings of a ladybug).

Stuck more to glue to connect the parts together, perhaps in future projects I can look into using other forms of medium to connect items.