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Triggered – A Short Film – 4D Final Project

Triggered : A hostage rescue


Incase the video isn’t showing up:

I had plenty of fun trying out and editing the action sequence; alas the amateurish attempt to capture the quickness of such a genre. Nevertheless, it was something refreshing that I have never experienced before, and would certainly endeavour to do should the chance arise again. 

Action sequences required a lot of on-the-spot planning despite having a storyboard beforehand, and knowing the area intimately as well. Cuts and character flipping had to be carefully observed, as well as lighting within a dark room also had to be checked such that audiences are able to see the actors.

1) What should I do?
2) Time’s ticking.
3) It stinks/ This stinks.
4) Maybe.
5) You can try.
6) What.

Title: Triggered
Credits: DOTS (OST – 

[태양의 후예 Vol.1 ] Endless War – Various Artists 
[태양의 후예 Vol.1 ] Time Is Running Out – Various Artists 
[태양의 후예 Vol.2 ] Attention Mission Ver. – Various Artists 
방탄소년단 (BTS) – 피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat & Tears) (Instrumental)
Director/Screenplay/Storyboard Artist: Calista Lee
Actors: Jaime (Hostage), Zerline (Kidnapper 1), Celine (Kidnapper 2), Jessabel (Cop)



Many thanks to the actors and musicians of the OSTs used in the film; without you the film would have been way less engaging.