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O’range you glad? (Final Project – City of Horn)

Final Project : Creating a Lampshade from SEM

The task given to us this time was to combine the aspects of the sculpture from the SEM of my partner and I; her’s being chalk and mine being human skin.


SEM of Human Skin – Adapted the slight stacking and flat texture of the human skin. Utilised the conical-shape of my previous project as well as the base shape of the structure itself.


SEM of Chalk – We stuck to the roundish singular unit and developed from the object; perhaps varying in size and shape in the final product.

plan_1 plan_2

Sketches for our original product plans –

we initially wanted to go for a Russian Faberge-Egg shape sliced into half as a standing lampshade. 

Though we eventually adapted the conical shape of the product of my SEM and made it more pointy. 

20161027_151111 20161027_151107

20161027_145402 20161027_140529


We  tried to recreate the roundish-circular shape by attempting to mould cooked spaghetti (which we heated up in the cup noodles container; that I ate quickly) and resting it into the circular shape as  it cooled. It didn’t work out as we expected as the spaghetti was too fragile and malleable after being cooked.

So we went back to the drawing board and stuck to our original aim of using fruits; namely:

Grapefruits, oranges and lemons for the citrus-ish colour scheme.

20161109_174248 20161110_151318













We stuck the fruits onto a hard, paper and cardboard-mix surface as a backing as we tried to place the fruits in a conical shape. We secured it initially with hot glue first, before slicing away the paper base after getting the required shape.

20161110_173537 20161110_173525 20161110_173528









The glue got loose after detaching the fruits from the original base; which we sutured (yes, like doctors with metal wires) the fruits together in order to keep their shape. Afterwards, we attached the remaining bits with half pieces (we deliberated between the half-moon, face-down semi-circle and face-up semi-circle for the dangling ornaments, but decided that the half-moon was the least jarring and most matching.

20161114_093137 20161114_093201


One week later

20161114_102116 20161114_102113


Looking under the Microscope SEM (Project 3 – SEM)

To recreate the SEM texture of an object

We had to recreate the texture and feeling of an object: to which I picked the human skin; for its coarseness and rough texture is interesting to experiment around with. I went along the lines of wanting to use food as a material since it is an area that I haven’t quite explored before yet.


SEM of Human Skin

20161013_134713 20161013_134746

Gathered some foam board and felt paper to experiment around with. I went with orange skin as the medium as I feel its undulations and roughness is best representative of the human skin’s characteristics.
I tried attaching the human skin together firstly through white glue, before I felt that the stickiness of it is not firm enough to hold the pieces together.

20161013_135017 20161013_135548 20161013_135751 20161013_140334

In the end, I figured that using the glue gun would be a better alternative.

20161013_140536 20161013_141056 20161013_154732 20161013_154754

Done with the human skin area, I figured I should venture a little more with the materials I have on hand.


Added the felt paper at the back like a backing to the skin; acting almost like the human muscle structure beneath.

20161020_162154 20161020_162204 20161020_162212 20161020_162219

It is definitely an interesting and different kind of project to endeavour; never quite did a project with actual food before so it was eye-opening. The glue acted as a deterrent for ants, and I suppose that orange skin is perfect for repelling ants as well.