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Toilets: Our Shared Space – 4D Sound Project Research

To crf. to Lydia’s Post for details on Proposal #1 Summary: 

We recce and surveyed the 2nd floor toilet and decided that the female toilet would be a more feasible location due to convenience of the location and gender inconveniences. It would probably be for the best that we cordon off usage of the toilet during the recording and participation of the activity (approx. 5 to 15 mins.).

The recording of the music and process will be documented and uploaded onto OSS to capture the experience for the participant’s viewing afterwards. The music piece will also be unique and special for that particular experience since the understanding of the tempo is to the interpretation of the reader of the instructions. (E.g. Knock on the Cubicle’s door in 4 beats, attempt to harmonise with the others.)

It is probably prudent for us to interfere as little as we can in the process as dictating as little things as possible in order to make the process as authentic as possible.

We came up with some possible, difficult scenarios/ situations that we would have to overcome:

  1. The Scale of the Project (Feasibility of squeezing the entire class into the performance all at once. AND if it will affect the rate/ grade of the experience.)
  2. If people are able to coordinate; and in either situation does it serve the experience that we are trying to bring across to the crowd. Would it be better to assign people roles? Or free-reign?
  3. Interest of the Crowd => How to capture one’s attention sufficiently enough for them to want to interact and participate in the activity? Esp. if the activity is taking a bit of coordination and time to work on.
  4. Is a Symphony achievable? Or is it a cacophony we are looking for?
  5. Is there a better way to present it? (Draw lots for roles?)

To check with second recce and a mini dry-run with the members; too many variables to come to a conclusive solution to the issues.

To-do List:

– Dry-run (With members)
– Mini Snippets of instructions on the various ‘instruments’ in the toilet. (Prints and laminated? Or at least waterproof.)
– Phone on stand-by for recording (Two?)
– Fix the rules and a procedure of how the project will work.