The dot that went on an emotional ride


Aim: To interpret eighteen emotions through lines

Format: 2 x A2 | Portrait | Eighteen 554mm x 25mm strips


anxious | embarrassed | bizarre

exhausted | fragile | systematic

lyrical | turbulent | nonsensical

psychotic | ambiguous | distracted

sensual | sloven | spontaneous

aggressive | awkward | indecisive



Below are elaborations of a few of the strips which I found quite interesting:

    1. Embarrassed
    One of the feelings that I associate with the emotion ’embarrassed’ is the want to disappear from the face of earth – or in other words feeling like hiding inside a hole. So this is where my inspiration came from. By using thin lines converging into one specific spot where they seemingly fall inside a hole, the audience’s eyes will follow these lines’ direction and feel like they are sucked into that one hole as well.

    2. Psychotic
    When people think of psychotic people – or mentally disordered people in general – they would almost always associate these people with eyes. For example in movies where psychotic characters are involved, the camera would usually focus on their eyes. Eyes are windows to the soul, after all. Using that idea, I drew eyes surrounded with surreal-looking waves for the emotion ‘psychotic’. I had varied the sizes of the eyes, distanced the larger ones from each other, and did not shade in the eyes so they would stand out even more in contrast to the dark surreal background. This way the audience will be able to focus on the main part of the drawing – the eyes.

    3. Sloven
    For the word ‘sloven’, I actually came up with a story behind this one. My definition of sloven is someone untidy and careless. So I played as the sloven person who had carelessly spilled a drop of ink on my paper. Being the untidy and irrational person I was supposed to be, I immediately tried wiping the still-wet ink with my fingers, which just resulted in more mess and more ink all over the paper. At the end of the strip, there are stamps of ink; that would be whatever leftover wet ink I had left on my finger as I dab my fingers on the paper in attempt to clean it off.

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