point of view

looking at things from different eyes

The aim of this project is to look at one object from different points of view, and expressing these views visually. The object I chose was flowers because they are ubiquitous in our lives (but more interesting than grass!) so many things can relate to them.

brainstorming time!

I started off the project by coming up with the different eyes from which I could see a flower.
2016-03-15 11.38.57

There were a few fictional flowers I had in mind…

…but I found them to be too specific. In the end, I decided to choose the more general and relatable ideas.

working on it…

For this particular project, I tried to experiment with colour schemes – particularly complementary colours. I made use a lot of red-green and yellow-purple combinations. As for the illustration styles, they vary from complex sketches to simple cartoons (because I’m one of those artists with completely contrasting styles HAHA).

These are some early sketches I made.
bumblebeecelebrity flowerorgans

final pieces!

A flower from the point of view of a bouquet is…
organs other ver
…an organ.

Complementary colours of green and different shades of red are used. They are vibrant colours – but the irony is that the subject of the illustration is more creepy than bright. (Fun note: red symbolises passion and this shade of green is for jealousy… so this could very well be a gift from an over-possessive girlfriend/boyfriend)

A flower from the point of view of men is…
spontaneous gifts.

Giving your loved one the flower she planted herself in the backyard… and one even wilted! Hues of complementary purple and yellow, along with brown are used.

A flower from the point of view of a bee is…
buffet spread small
…a buffet spread.

Much like the previous one, this illustration makes use of the complementary purple-yellow with hints of brown. I used a faint texture on the background to contrast the simple illustration style. Look at those bees feasting on honey and more honey and… well, everything and anything made of honey.

A flower from the point of view of grass is…
celebrity small
…a celebrity.

A flower celebrity strutting down the grass, er… green carpet. I chose a rose to represent the flower as it is said to be one of the most beautiful flowers, and used red hues as it is vibrant and represent power. The green complements the red, while yellow is used to brighten up the atmosphere as it represents energy.

A flower from the point of view of pollen allergy is…
poisonous gas.

For this illustration, I made the overall value dark to show an ominous atmosphere, and chose the colour purple as the theme to depict mystery. Glow effects are used to show emphasis on the objects – the gas mask and biohazard symbol; objects that relate to the hazardous effect of flowers on a person suffering pollen allergy.

A flower from the point of view of girls is…
he loves me not
“he loves me, he loves me not”.

Pink to represent playfulness and immaturity; a soft hue is chosen to balance the passionate red and innocent white. The background on the flower’s side is darker to show uncertainty of what the final words will be – he loves me, or he loves me not.

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