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With advancing technology and state-of-the-art inventions, it is easy to forget traditions and cultures, once-heard myths and superstitions. The concept I have decided to go for is the integration of culture and civilisation. This idea was inspired by my own experiences as a Chinese-Indonesian living in a household where our Chinese beliefs are still practiced, yet the world around us continues to evolve.

The Waterfall Legend

An ancient tale tells the story of a group of golden koi and their perseverance in swimming upstream the Yellow River in China. When they reached a waterfall at the end of the river, many of the koi turned back. However a number of them refused to give up. They kept leaping, and leaping, and after a hundred years of jumping, one koi finally reaches the top. The gods recognised the perseverance and determination of the koi, turning it into a golden dragon.

The Koi Fish

In Chinese culture, the koi fish symbolises strength for their ability to swim against the current, perseverance for never abandoning their ambition to jump over the waterfall, and freedom from all restraint.

From these words that represent the koi fish, I imagined the idea of koi fish being able to ‘swim’ outside of their natural habitat, unbounded by the water.

artist: Liam Peters (lpeters @deviantart)
Reference Artists

Anny Wang

@wangsoderstrom animation for @sneakersnstuff x @adidasoriginals ☁️

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Simon Holmedal

Xiaolin Zeng

Useful Tutorials

eyedesyn – the Cinema 4D god

Additional plug-in: Turbulence FD

(Free!) Resources

compilation of Cinema 4D materials and textures (but none has fish scales 🙁 will have to research more later)

compilation of 3D models (that might be useful if you’re tight on time)


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