wk2: the infra-ordinary

Early mornings are one time of the day we are familiar with as students of ADM (not because we wake up early; rather, we find ourselves staying awake until ridiculous hours). As Jeremy and I live in halls on campus, we often walk back to our rooms at these hours.

One interesting point we noticed about NTU is that during the wee hours of the morning, the environment around the campus tends to be surrounded with a beautiful, mysterious morning fog. As the morning light shines through the foliage abundant around the area, and breaks through the mist, it creates an effect where the light rays become visible to our eyes. It is a normal, everyday occurrence, yet it is because it is happening everyday that we do not notice it.

How are we to speak of these ‘common things’, how to track them down rather, how to flush them out, wrest them from the dross in which they remain mired, how to give them a meaning, a tongue, to let them, finally, speak of what is, of what we are.

Inspired by Georges Perec‘s extract on The Infra-Ordinary, Jeremy and I decided to base our concept around this occurrence.


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