wk7: material exploration and form development

feedback from last week

  • consider using textures or 3D forms so shadow is distorted and cast at different angles, playing around with the 3D volumes instead of a flat plane
  • think about the fallen leaves and how to get rid of them; the leaves may make the installation blend in more with the environment and less noticeable to passerby
  • reflective material – must be above waist level; cannot be seats


site observation

chosen site: stair linkway between North and South Spine


shadow time-lapse (11.30 – 15.30)



material exploration
in relation to last week’s first form exploration (mirrored seat), thus we tested out reflective materials and how they interact with the shadows


(left) brushed aluminum sheet
(right) polished aluminum sheet



(left) reflective paper sheet
(right) glossy plastic sheet

interesting distortion effect of reflection on glossy plastic sheet, which reminds us of the shadows on the ground



Tom Fruin


Catherine Losing


In Flakes by Mount Fuji Architects Studio


further exploration and development


new light features from newly upgraded school infrastructure in North Spine

the shadow cast is an inspiration for our updated proposal found below, which is also relevant at night

an update from last week’s second form exploration with nighttime consideration of installation



emphasis on shadow

using coloured acrylic to cast colourful highlight, making the effect more noticeable

framing the shadow with the use of the coloured acrylic



next step

  • further idea development
  • constructing life-size mock-up to test effect
  • potential consideration for wind interaction with installation




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  1. can you please make a synthesis of your proposal?

    I cannot see how the round installation would be fitting in the chosen site

    Where the acrylic colored frame would be located?

    how do you expect the people will use the installation?

    Those little PV you fitted on top of the four poles are way too small to collect enough energy to power a such a strong light you expect to cast shadows…and they are so alien from the structure design



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