editorial illustration: pencil compositions

concept: negative impacts of empathy


idea 1 is revolved around the idea of putting up a sunshine front (hence sunflowers) when empathising; but too much empathy hurts yourself in the process, thus the thorns at the back

2 (two versions)

the theme for idea 2 is “drowning in another’s emotions” when empathising with them

also not shown in the sketch, but i’m thinking of doing a constellation/galaxy texture for the ‘water’ to show vast space and endlessness of empathy


idea 3 is more of a dark humour. hugging a cactus pretty much defines empathy; you willingly put yourself in pain, just to comfort another (even a cactus…)

and to top it off, a haggard but still smiling face 🙂


i’m not so sure which direction to take right now…

i guess i’m leaning more towards the first idea since it fits my initial moodboard and artist reference (written on this oss post) but the other pieces might convey the message of negative impacts of empathy better

any feedback is appreciated!!

i shall also ask around to see which sketch conveys the concept best hahaha

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  1. I really like the drowning in tears composition! My favourite. It has a super unique style and also a great concept. But i find it hard to distinguish between the crying face and the drowning girl.

    I also like the person hugging a cactus. This really expressed me and my assignments right now! Im not sure if it fits the topic empathy as good as the one i mentioned above because the person is looking kind of depressed and self-destructive. (would reach hot on 9gag with a good headline)

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