editorial illustration: thumbnail sketches

concept: negative impacts of empathy

(disclaimer: a lot of these sketches are just me vomiting out what i have in my head so some are not as refined or well-thought, and i have no idea what they really mean lol)


1A  midst of thorns and vines

1B  going through thorns and vines

1C  a refined version of 1B???

2A  similar to 1B, more straightforward with the addition of another person i.e. the person one is empathising with

2B  a cracked face to represent the positive front we put when empathising; sunflowers to symbolise happiness, some are slightly wilted to show crumbling resolve

2C  sunflowers in the front, a person in the middle, and thorns at the back

3A  sucking the energy (colours) out of you

3B & 3C  sucking the life out of you (quite literally put)

4A  chained down; multiple chains to show empathy to multiple people at once

4B  a more straightforward version of 4A; drowning

4C  hugging a cactus

5A  combination of previous ideas; chained down; holding a wilting/messy bouquet of flowers

5B  dragged down and drowned by hands

5C  eyes crying out into a pool, where you are drowning in

6A  hands reaching out as support; vines grasping at the arms and thorns cutting the skin

6B  hands reaching out as support; vines and thorns coming out from someone else’s mouth injuring the arms instead

after consultation, i decided to develop further ideas 2C, 4C and 5C into more refined pencil compositions

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  1. HELLO!:) Looking at your compositing, to be honest I had a hard time choosing:) a lot of them are really interesting and original 🙂 for example I like, 1a,1b,2b,3c(the bone arms), 4c,5a. Im so greedy:) But because they conveys the idea really well and I thought these composition could be quirky cute but represent a deep impact meaning:) especially hugging cactus and the boney arms:)


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