applied illustration: FINAL

campaign posters


individual pieces

the theme revolving around Incas is ‘love’! because his mate—Lady Jane—left him, he died from his broken heart 🙁 i tweaked Incas’ feathers into heart shapes, along with the usage of bright pinks to show this theme. the flowers featured for Incas are globe amaranth, which symbolises immortal love.
Benjamin gets warm colours all around with a hint of cool on his stripes, because he froze to death from his zookeeper’s ignorance. his choice of flowers are the dandelions—strong and hardy, representing overcoming hardships.
Booming Ben is prideful, exuberant, confident—a range of vibrant colours put together to show off—if only there were anyone of his kind left to impress. he spent his last days crying out alone. carnations are used for Ben to symbolise pride and beauty.


tote bags

a complimentary tote bag for people who come to the event and buy at least one souvenir item (to put the things they bought inside!)

((initially i did one tote bag and it looked really nice, so i just went all out and put all of them lol))




enamel pins



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