So here are the final six emotions for project 1! I will put an interpretation of my own emotion, along with its original meaning.

uneasiness: fear


A bubbling feeling of being unsure, anxiety, and all-out discomfort. There’s something out there ready to get you or pull you down, and as much as you try to fix whatever you can, you know it will still screw you up somehow.

a feeling of anxiety or discomfort.

Tool: milo can + ink

hopelessness: sadness


It feels as if no matter whatever you did, no matter how much you tried, the effort would still come out as worthless. You end up giving up before you are even halfway there, and the results are as is.

a feeling or state of despair; lack of hope.

Tool: various attempts made previously (cut-up), collage

exasperation: anger


A muddy sort of emotion, when you feel like a bundle of nervous anger. However, you cannot do anything. You cannot move, you cannot speak out. As people walk by and comment about it, you sit there in irate silence.

a feeling of intense irritation or annoyance.

Tool: sanitary pad + calligraphy ink

amazement: surprise


Somewhat bewilderment, along with surprise. A constant state of stupefaction,  it feels like a whole lot to take in, and you just consume it slowly, let it digest.

a feeling of great surprise or wonder.

Tool: dirtied wet tissue + inked up piece of newsprint + leftover sanity pad

contentment: joy


A calm, satisfied feeling. I wanted to portray the gentleness of contentment, how it pats you on the back like you did a good job. How it makes you feel full after an evening meal and you walk along the beach, a breeze goes by and it’s cooling and soft.

a state of happiness and satisfaction.

Tool: block ink + baby powder

infatuation: love


A crush; a pure, quick crush. It comes by fast, and it plagues the mind of the beholder for weeks, months, or even years. It gives off the sense of youth, with its energetic behaviour.┬áInfatuation is pure, but also mature. It starts out as lust masked as puppy love, and cut deeps into one’s heart.

an intense but short-lived passion or admiration for someone or something.

Tool: toothpaste + cut-out with razors