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I do not have a particular artist or artstyle I had in mind, and searched up concepts I wanted to try that embody super, fantastical nature instead!

Title: The Higher Power Reimagined

Keywords: brain, evolution, humans, animals, amalgamation, protruding

Theme/concept: One of my visual communication projects had been about “what if our mental defense mechanisms became physical”. This time I wanted to see what the brain was in comparison to animals. The human brain is one of the most powerful “beings” on Earth, but even then, wildlife can always beat us with their physical prowess. What if the brain can manifest itself into a stronger form, one not limited by our flesh and bones? What if we were like the octopus, who can move around rather skillfully and effortlessly? Or the jellyfish, brainless, but yet so beautiful? I think this concept gives a very ethereal feeling, and I probably want to do a transition. Think of animorphs but like, visually sexier.

Title: t r n s h m n

Keywords: cyberpunk, sci-fi, immortality, cyborg, robot, digital, transhumanism, neo-evolution

Theme/concept: I first heard of the term transhumanism through the MARVEL show, Agents of Shield. Transhumanism is basically the theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology, even to the point of becoming immortal. I felt like that could potentially be the “super nature” of the future. Where humans just decide to evolve and enhance themselves past what nature could have offered, a selfish desire to be more than what was given, and maybe the narcissism to be immortal and super through technology that only humans could be able to achieved as a species.

Title: Deep Down The Dungeon Hole

Keywords: dungeons, dragons, d&d, adventure, fantastical, evolution, nature, imaginary

Theme/concept: Dungeons and dragons is a role-playing board game that are mostly given medieval fantasy settings, and there are usually interesting races that obviously do not exist in real life (e.g. Dragonborns, Elves, etc.) or monsters that have adapted from nature (e.g. Owlbear, plant-related monsters, etc.) I think it made me really like nature and adventure a lot, because it was such a bizarre alternate reality, like what if nature took over and was bigger than life, what if the floral and fauna evolved faster than humans and could trick and outplay them. Many jobs have arisen from this infinite pool of new diversity, and many would go into research or gold-mining in dungeons, which results in a lot of new discoveries.