2D Typographic Portrait Final outcome

These are the final outcome of my work.

1Overall work

2chocolate consultant FINALI tried to be as realistic as possible in my digital drawing. The dark chocolate contrasts with the white chocolate background. Gestalt Closure theory is applied here with the first letter A and D to make things interesting.

4comic lover FINALThe leading lines are are pointed towards the name. The name is also off balance from the image to create dynamic effect. Alphabets are overlap as often seen in comic book. The red on the name contrast with the green halftone background.

3pessimistic FINALGestalt Similarity theory is used here since similar raindrops shape are grouped together to form my name. The colours and gradient used give off a gloomy feeling. Original sketch of the raindrops are also added into the background to fill up the space. Shadows helps to make the name stands out.


The alphabets are are designed like they are wearing shoes. Different shades of green help to separate the alphabets. Blue floor is chosen to represent the stadium running track. The alphabets are running upwards to give off a tired feeling.  Sweats, timing and distance are also added in.

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Author: Ada


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