2D Zine Process/Execution/Experimentation

Cool out it

Upon hearing the details of a new project, I’m always very ambitious about it and thought of a lot of ideas. Hence, I am always stay cool whenever I start a new project.

2d 8pg oss actual2d 8pg oss alt10

For this, I chose blue colour to show the feeling of cool and peace.

I chose a cat from my ego project represent curiosity, like how I am curious to explore even further into a new project. The eyes background, which is also from my ego project represent my eyes looking at various directions, like how i explore new things at the start. I edited the eyes background to have a spread out liquid effect to its border (since liquid/water reminds me of the colour blue) and posterise it to give it a unique texture and overlay both images together.

The font is kept to the side against a white background, hence bringing forward the text, making it stands out.  The word “cool” is also larger to bring the viewers’ attention to it, since it is the most important word in the text. The words are also arranged slightly tilted, like they are floating in water, giving a relax feeling.

Angry at it

After being ambitious about a project, I will always meet difficulties in my project. Therefore, I would get irritated by it and starts to procrastinate.

2d 8pg oss49

For this, I chose colour red since red usually represent anger.

I chose the shoe from my rhyme project, duplicate it and overlay them to have a interesting composition. One of the shoe is enlarge to show the feeling of anger. The shoe prints all over the floor also seems like there’s someone stomping angrily on the ground.

The red colour slope gives the feeling of running down hill, hence unstoppable.

The scratch like mark at the sides are from my line project which is for the word exhausted. Similarly, I used this line work to show that the feeling of tired and it also looks like someone who is angry scratching on the wall.

Similarly, the word ” angry” is also larger compared to other words to bring the viewers’ attention to it.

Get over it

As the project deadline approaches, I will usually hope that the project gets over quickly and anticipate another new project.

2d 8pg oss actual2


For this, I chose green colour since it reminds me of the green man at the traffic light, and green usually represents the meaning of “go”.

I pasted the Chinese calendars and “Z”s (from my ego project) on the right side of the page. It means that the days go by quickly when I am doing a project. The green colour lines from my line project looks very messy and irregular, hence showing the feeling of getting tired of it and get over it.

Since the images are placed at the right, I placed my text at the left where there is a lot of white spaces. Similarly, the word “get” has large white space around it to catch the viewers’ attention.

Cover page

2d 8pg oss

For the cover, I chose the drawing of my face from my ego project and my name as the title because the project is about my 2D progress. The image is edited to create an interesting texture to it. I chose that font because it gives a light-hearted feel to it. The colours of the alphabets also represents the 3 stages as mentioned above.

4 3 2 1

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2D Zine Research

Since the style throughout my 2D works changes everytime, I find it difficult to find a common theme for my zine. Hence, I am inspired by those zine design with only single colour per page, so that the whole design has an unity.

Below are some of the zines that I have looked into:

I am also not an excellent writer, hence I want minimum writing in my zine.  Thus, I just summarize my thought process for almost every 2D work as below:

Cool about it

Angry at it

Get over it

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