2D Point of View Process/Execution/Experimentation

1. Moon in the point of view of Baoqingtian is tattoo


2D_baoqingtian oss 2

The initial design of the composition. I placed the hat at the center with a person holding a chop to stamp onto the bun. The crescent moon on the bun is also blended in like it is part of the bun.

However after consultation, this composition is not interesting and the sides of the hat are not long enough to be recognized as Song dynasty hat. Also, since my idea is tattoo, it will be better if the crescent mark is stamp on top of the bun instead of being part of the bun.

2D_baoqingtian oss

I added in waves patterns found on Baoqingtian’s robe in the background, with black colour as the base, since Baoqingtian’s robe is mainly black, and the black makes the white bun stands out.

The texture of the bamboo steamer is also added onto the hat so that it seems the bun is sitting on a steamer that looks like a Song Dynasty hat.

Steam are also added in to create a slight comical effect to the over image.

2. Moon in the point of view of Chang e is second home


2D_chang e oss 2

I tried to replicate the Singapore PR IC with a Chinese twist to it. The position of the photos, logos and texts are approximately the same as the original IC.

I changed the country crest to a full moon with wings. The photo of Chang e is in black and white. The colour of the card is in light blue like the Singapore PR IC. Her NRIC is M1 because she is the first resident in the moon. I also researched on when the story of Chang e started, which I found out it is dated back in Western Han Dynasty, hence the date of birth wirtten on the IC.

I added moon texture to the IC, to show that this IC is connected to the moon, and also added Chinese patterns on the top to show that this story originates from China.

For the background, I chose bright red colours with Chinese patterns to further represent that this idea is inspired from the Chinese folklore, and the bright red colour slightly contrast with the light blue.

Overall, this is one of the easiest to create, with lesser problems among the other 5 ideas.

3) Moon in the point of view of Earth is the only child


2D_family tree oss 3

At first I did a normal family tree on a piece of scroll. I have to show only less than half of the family tree since Jupiter has more than 50 moons and I do not have the space to fit in do many moon. For this design, it looks flat and dull.

2D_family tree oss 2

After consultation, I did a 3D style of the family tree which represents the solar system. The route for earth and moon is highlighted in red to gather the viewers attention. I added slight sun rays on the background. However the over image still looks all over the place and unfocused.

2D_family tree oss

Hence, I further darken the background so that only the sun rays can be seen so that the planets and moons could stand out.  I also added sun waves where the pole touches the sun so that it seems like the pole directly came out from the sun.

4) Moon in the point of view of asthethician is bad skin.


2D_family tree oss 3

For this design, I wanted to have those before and after kind of cosmetic advertisement feel to it. With the left side as the original moon, which is dark and patchy to represent the bad skin, while the right side as a smoother and whiter moon to represent the good skin. Two cosmetic bottles are also placed on the right to show that “after you use our product, your skin will turns to the one on the left”. However, the overall design is plain and boring, hence this whole idea is rejected.

2D_beauty oss 3

For the new idea, I added instruments that will be use during facial and tried to manipulate moon texture onto the human skin.

2D_beauty oss 2

After learning how to change the tone of the texture, the face is less scary than before, but good enough to represent bad skin.

5) Moon in the point of view of werewolf is plastic surgeon



2D_werewolf oss 4

This is the first illustration that I did on Clip Art Studio before exporting it to Photoshop. I wanted to try a more detailed and dynamic drawing than this, so I edited the image again to the image below.

2D_werewolf oss 3

The colours that I have chosen are mostly cool colours so that it will fit into the mysterious atmosphere. Then I further blurred the moon surgeon and background away from the werewolf, so that the werewolf would stand out.

2D_werewolf oss 2

6) Moon in the point of view of Sun is stranger

2D_stranger 2

At first I came out with this designed inspired from the google images as sown in my research post. Both moon and the sun are facing away from one another and arranged in different depth to so that they do not each other. The colours, yellow and blue, are so complementary with one another, hence it makes the characters stand out. However, the image may still does not give out strong sense of “stranger”.

2D_stranger oss

After consultation, I try to follow the style of Facebook. The sun is sending friend request to moon, however moon is rejecting the sun since they have no mutual friends, hence they are stranger. For the background, I took the lastest desktop version of Facebook. However for the friend request box, I used the old Facebook version, since it is the only version that shown 0 mutual friends. I also added shadow behind the friend request box so that it seems like it pops out of the screen.


Proceed to my next post for the final work.