2D Point of View Research

Below are some of the ideas that I have thought of.



After much thoughts, I have chosen the subject moon.

I have decided to finalise with the ideas below.

Moon from the point of view of

1) 包青天 is tattoo

2) 嫦娥 is second home

3) Earth is the only child

4) aesthetician is bad skin

5) werewolf is plastic surgeon

6) sun is stranger.


1) 包青天 is tattoo

I do not want to use human to represent Baoqingtian in this since my other idea already has human in it.

Firstly, I researched pictures of Baoqingtian.

I decided to represent baoqingtian with chinese bun, since both have similar word. So, I wanted to incorporate the elements of Baoqingtian, such as his iconic hat, patterns on robe, his skin colours and his crescent birth mark.

The crescent moon on his forehead is represented like a red mark on the Chinese bun, as shown in the picture below, hence a tattoo on the bun.

The bamboo wood texture that I will be adding into the hat of Baoqingtian.

2) 嫦娥 is second home

At first, I thought of doing a illustration of Chang e in her home. However, that idea would be very boring. After consultation, I decided to create a Permanent Resident Identification Card (PR IC) for Chang e, since she is somehow a PR on moon.

I googled some PR IC on google for references.

I also googled for some Chinese style patterns and moon texture to be incorporated into the IC.

3) Earth is the only child.

The first thing that I thought of is to construct a family tree to represent the only child since earth is the only planet in the solar system with one moon.

Some of the references images that I have used:

4) aesthetician is bad skin

I wanted to mimic the design with skin care advertisement and putting moon texture over the face.

5) werewolf is plastic surgeon

I will be doing digital illustration for this since I want a comical style to it. I googled reference images for drawing the plastic surgeon room.

6) sun is stranger

At first,  I just google images of strangers.

However, the images of stranger in google does not really give off the feeling of “stranger” at first glance.

After consultation, I decided to use Facebook friend request to represent the word stranger.


Proceed to next post for the progress in work.