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After consultation, I decided to do away with the clinical, exhibition-like approach as they did not fit the mood. The hands also did not work quite as well as I felt that they took away the focus from the objects. I decided to take more pictures that will evoke emotions, as well as ones with better compositions.

PLUGSsmallWith the red and white background to symbolize the both nations’ flags.

FOODsmallFood is a really important part of my experience both here in Singapore as well as in Indonesia. I felt that thsi subject deserve a picture on its own.

DOCUMENTSsmallAll the travel-related things and the administration- related things are in one photo as they tend to be small, and because they do not tell as much of a story on their own. However, as they are the same type of things, they are interesting enough when combined.

BIBLEsmallA closer look at the highlighted bible verses helps to compare the language, and the cross serves to help clarify the subject matter of this particular photo. Although the differences between the two countries’ religions are far greater than just the language, my experience so far mostly concerns Christianity and so I decided to focus on what I know.

DSC_0681 DSC_0682 DSC_0683