in Lines (Artist Research), Lines (Journal)

DSC_0711Hilma Af Klint feat. Sol Lewitt:

Circles and circles and obsessively straight lines. I ship them. It’s kind of therapeutic doing these cause you don’t really need to think? I know you’re probably supposed to think about the composition or something of the sort, but while doing this I guess it was really nice to just sit down and fill the paper with those lines.

A little trivia: I didn’t use compass or rulers, only one pen and one protractor.

DSC_0715 DSC_0714 DSC_0713 DSC_0712Into the Woods

Thorns and bushes aggression. (Papercut) I feel like this is not aggressive enough. Lea said maybe it’s the colour and I agree.

DSC_0710 DSC_0705


YAY luscious luscious hair homygawd inspired by Pomme-Chan and her amazing pencil strokes.


Penny Pingleton: [looks into the camera] “I am now a checkerboard chick!” (Hairspray, 2007)

Seeing so many of Sol Lewitt’s work and Piet Mondrian’s work makes me wanna do everything in a structured manner and so I did a checkerboard series by weaving paper!


DSC_0709 DSC_0708Get Slanted

Some of the line paintings I did sort of failed but I weaved them in and they look much better. You can still see the original painting (they were these wavy-brushstrokes-thing).

DSC_0707DSC_0706Dis Connected

See? I cut them up but you can still see that they’re connected when you hold them up to the light like this. Of course, when you put them down on the table you can’t see it as clearly, but that’s why it’s so fun to fill in the blanks.



One of my Piet Mondrian lines drawing also didn’t turn out so well because I used Chinese ink and wide brush which I couldn’t control too well, instead of my usual brush pen. I sort-of-salvaged it by turning them into another one of my checkerboard series. Do you notice that they get wider at the left side and more narrow at the right side? I don’t think it’s that obvious, though. (Gahh sadness)

DSC_0702 DSC_0701Ruffles

Okay, I know this is 2D class but I played a little bit with a 3D thingy by making ruffled paper HAHA

DSC_0698One of the automatism technique I tried- pencil on top of paper on top of texture (which is in this case the 2D room table). I forgot the name of the technique 🙁 Shall go and edit when I remember.

DSC_0697Poster paint on paper, using a coarse brush. Cut them up to thin strips, but not sure of what to do with them yet.