in Lines (Artist Research), Lines (Journal)

Franz Kline

Franz Kline’s lines are always so thick and textured that it makes me think of the ‘aggressive’ line.


Sol Lewitt

Sol Lewitt’s lines are always so structured and systematic.


Piet Mondrian

Although he was more famous for his mature works which usually consists of lines and planes in three primary colours (+monochromatic colours), he already showed fascination with horizontal and vertical lines in his early works. “Pier and the Ocean” is an example of this.


Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogh’s short swirly brushstrokes in “Starry Night” are very fascinating and pleasing to look at.


Marcus Harvey

The Moors murders were carried out by Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, the victims being five children aged 10-17.

Marcus Harvey’s ‘Myra’ was a portrait of Myra Hindley, made out of children’s handprints.

As disturbing as it is, the technique is interesting and so I tried using fingerprints in the line.


They look a little like dried-out blood, which is scary but I guess since it was inspired by such a morbid topic, it fits with the ‘psychotic’ theme.

Jackson Pollock

Pollock’s action painting is much more expressive than this, but I felt that it has a similar vibe because of all the splatters and thus a sense of movement.