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Rough draft for a (probable) voiceover. I said probable cause I don’t really like the way my voice sounds on recordings (nasal and squeaky).


When you go on a journey, you hold the map tightly, thinking of places you’ll go, people you’ll meet, the great unknown, what lies beyond the place you call home.

Keep the end in mind, but stop and smell the roses when you can. Because a journey is not about the end – it’s about the winding path you’ll take, the yellow brick road, the dots on the map. The path that will lead you to the treasure chest.

Imagine all the giants you’ll fight, the monsters you’ll slay, Argonauts by your side. The love you’ll find, the love you’ll lose. A treasure chest doesn’t last; spend it all on rum and drink with the ladies of Tortuga. But come Monday morning forget about it all and go on another quest with the crew.

A treasure chest will never stand against the hands of time. The other day, I looked into my treasure chest and saw all the treasures I kept for years- three years’ worth of birthday messages, polaroids, a passport-sized picture of a crush I couldn’t get over for months. The papers are crumpled and the photos stained, but it’s okay. This treasure chest of mine, I know it doesn’t last. Discard it, throw it away. I won’t save it from a burning house.

What’s a treasure chest to the memories I have? My brain remembers, as well as paper does. My eyes record sights, better than any camera. My fingers miss a loved one’s touch, and my skin recalls the warmth of my best friends’ hugs.

The Argonauts fighting by my side will never leave my mind. Set fire to my ship and my treasure chest along with it, I have found something worth journeying for, and I have come back richer. Wiser. Stronger.

I threw away my treasure chest at the sea, for my hands are full. Full of sights I have seen, places I’ve gone, people I’ve met, the great unknown. I’ve come back to the place I’ve left, to the arms of people I love. I’m home.


Feedbacks to take into account while revising the idea:

  • Avoid an obvious cliche such as “a journey is not about the end”
  • Conceal more things from the viewer (imply things instead of saying it outright)

I need to take more pictures/videos.