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I haven’t added sound effects yet but this is the draft for the video! It’s a stop motion animation (sort of), about a paper man, a clay lion, and their journey together. Due to my shaky cameramanship (Yeah.. that’s not a word isn’t it), you might feel a bit dizzy watching it at some parts. But I had fun filming it and I hope you have fun watching it!

Journey: There and Back Again, Draft I

  1. Stop motionnnnnnnnn omg hahaha it must have taken you quite a while??!? But it looks so adorable! I really like how you made use of different angles so smoothly and the occasional 360 degree views of your characters hahah

    I also like how the whole setting is made up of simple everyday materials to tell a story!

  2. Such interesting idea of a journey! When I was watching it, it was as if I was playing a game, controlling both the paper man and Simba the lion!

  3. I thought your stop motion was really well put together! I like how its not flat and you change angles so it feels really 3D! Anyway, your work reminded me of the ending sequence from this anime called Eden of the East. Not sure if you’ve heard of it before but the ending sequence is a paper stop motion and its amazing: perhaps this could serve as some inspiration?? haha
    I was thinking maybe you could have more dramatic lighting for some of your scenes? This being a journey about this lone warrior (idk why i just thought of that) and a lion and all these obstacles made using objects found in ur hall…somehow this feels very theatrical (is this how u spell it haha sorry) to me and it would be really interesting if you could use theatrical lighting as well and play with the shadows!!

  4. HEHEHE I CAN COMMENT NOW (Actually commenting here is silly cos you’re literally right behind me now)

    But YES STOP MOTION IS GOOD! The video is shaky at parts now but I think you could borrow a tripod or maybe construct one out of books to stabilise the camera?

    Also consider using photoshop to make the effects! Cos when you mentioned that the copic refills were enemies they didn’t really seem that way to me:O You can have them holding torches and pitchforks>:) And sound effects of angry villagers yelling as your ‘ambient’ noise! I think the river part could use some ambient water noise too:) (and fire for the missiles!)

    GREAT WORK SO FAR CHRISTY I look forward to the final:D

  5. Awesome idea of using stop motion!! Hahaha I felt like I was reading a children’s adventure book. The way you move the camera to shot at different angle makes the video look like a movie scene!! Look forward to the finished video with sounds!!
    Btw, great idea of recycling our 3d assignment hahaha you turned it into a nice decoration! 🙂

  6. It ain’t the steadiest hand, yeah, but it looks nice and was easy to follow and actually had me curious to watch and see what happens next and stuff xD Man, and it looks like a lot of work too. Good job on it and add some sounds, words, music or something! You’re getting there ^^