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Lore: Gastronesia

The reign of Gastronesia started when the food craze swept the nations. It all began when Professor Steve McMalin, a Gastronesian, invented what is thought to be the most brilliant drug of all time- a substance which altered the human DNA permanently such that it is biologically possible for humans to taste more than a hundred type of flavors. An innovation so ingenious it’s almost magical, it heightens the sense of taste of any human who consumed it and made the headlines in less than a day. Rumour has it that the Great Sultan of Gastronesia himself is amongst the first ones to taste the little magic pills, and upon tasting food with his new sense of taste, cried tears of joy and subsequently sponsored thousands more pills to be manufactured for his country.

Many centuries has passed since the Professor’s spark of innovation. The world is a different place now; the altered tastebuds are now the norm. Everything revolves around food- other industries has either died down or adapted itself into the gastronomic culture. Music, technology, and literature revolves around improving the dining experience. In the heart of it all, Gastronesia lives on. Being the place where it all started, it saw the opportunity to grow an empire and had quickly established its permanent reign over the art of whipping up delectable cuisine. It is into this outrageously wealthy archipelago that you were born, a country so gluttonous you could hear munching everywhere you go. It is a nation where food critics are kings, chefs are superstars, and farmers are billionaires. A nation too busy stuffing itself with foie gras and hot dogs alike to notice the evil lurking within. A nation that doesn’t know that it needs to be saved…


And where are you, exactly, in the midst of all this excess? Well, for starters, it is a well-known fact that the two of you are the best food critics in the Gastronesian town of Bayashura. You are hereby cordially invited to yet another grand feast in the Town Hall; but first, we will need to confirm your full names for the invitations.

[Create your characters! Write your name of choice, describe your appearance, select your attribute points, and perhaps even throw in a backstory. You can collaborate between the two of you to make the two characters siblings, twins, or maybe just friends travelling together. Enjoy, or as they say all the time in Gastronesia, bon appétit!]

  1. Name : Bon Papa

    Appearance :
    – A man with a full map of Gastronesian Town map tattooed on entire body. Short back combed hair with clean sides shaved.
    – London beard covering till neck.
    – Always in black suits covering the tattoos with smart looking tie. Normally speaks less then 10 words when needed to.
    – Physically fit, lean and have tanned skin tone.

    Strength : 7
    Agility : 10
    Intelligence : 7

    Background story:
    Before being the best food critics, used to be a prisoner in the most famous jail for approximate 5 years but was released after announced innocent. Went to became a soldier after the 5 years in the navy. Travels around the world with the ship crew for mission and training. Tried many delicious foods throughout the world which then lead him to leaving the force to become a food critic.

  2. Name: Omnom
    Round-bellied man who wears suspenders and bow-tie everyday.
    Bald but wears wig usually.
    Very fair complexion with a mole on the nose.
    Intelligence: 3

    Used to be a chef in the most famous roasted duck shop in town. Became one of the best food critics after writing a book about the best cuisine which garnered attention from everyone.