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“Last week, we learned about different learning styles from Sir Ken Robinson. How do you learn best?”

I have always considered myself a visual learner. In every test I took, that was always the result. Maybe it’s true, but maybe that’s also because I consider myself an artist and subconsciously concluded that being an artist, naturally I must learn visually.

But frankly, that would be ignoring the fact that I tend to remember song lyrics best, or the fact that I like having someone explain something to me than reading explanations. So I guess I’m partly an auditory learner too.

Then again, some things I just can’t learn except if I do it myself. Does that count as being a kinesthetic learner?

There’s no one single box I can fit myself in. Maybe it’s more like a pie chart than multiple choice question. 65% visual, 30% auditory, 5% kinesthetic? I don’t know for sure, but by those percentages, I think I still stand by my opinion that I am a visual learner.

On a side note, here’s a link to Gavin Aung Than’s beautiful webcomic Zen Pencils, this particular one illustrating that particular Sir Ken Robinson’s speech. I’ve been a fan for about a year, and he’s coming to Singapore in a week so I’ve got something to look forward to!