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Lore III: Gastronesian Authority


Political System and History

Gastronesian political system originated as an absolute monarchy led by the Sultan of Gastronesia. His kingdom reigns over thousands of islands that stretch from Basang until Myrauke. Under him, Gastronesian islands united to drive off colonial would-be and prospered. It was during his heyday that sparks of science and innovation was lit. The historically significant DNA-altering substance was invented during this period, and for a time, the world was at peace.

Powers grew, and business boomed. Unfortunately, it was restricted to the gluttonous industry of food. Innovations in other fields stopped short as more and more people shifted their focus, and so the Gastronesia’s state of communication and information technology, as did many other fields, did not improve until later years when other countries begin exporting their modern technology and to Gastronesia.

As for the authority, the monarchs held fast to their golden throne, with democracy seeping in slowly due to other countries’ influence. It is a time of slow transition now, but there is no predicting whether some people will get tired fast of the lavish ways of the royalty and turn the fragile peace into a state of turmoil in the land.


His Majesty Sultan of Gastronesia XV, Adam Batuba

Highest authority, lives in the capital of Gastronesia, the city of Batavya. His living quarters are guarded heavily by palace guards to prevent any assassination attempts or any other malicious actions.

Princes (of islands)

They are politically powerful due to their royal bloodline. They are usually sheltered and do not participate much in politics despite their power and respects paid to them, but would be there for important public events as they are required to make an appearance in those. An example of a typical Prince would be the Prince Deran Jawi of Vaja Island. A former Bayashuran, Prince Jawi spends his days gourmet café-hopping and squanders his family fortunes on infinitely complex molecular gastronomy experiments despite his complete lack of understanding in said field. His nights are spent gambling away at casinos and treating his fellow royalty to unnecessarily sumptuous meals money can buy.

Mayor (of towns)

They do most of the political jobs and administrative business. Usually comes from a family with at least some royal bloodline. They are often corrupt and would do anything to climb up the social ladder and be ‘knighted’ as a Prince. Chosen by election, they are the proof of increasing influence of democracy in Gastronesia.

Law enforcement: The Police and The Law

Policemen and other judicial law enforcements are under mayors’ authority. Anybody can be one despite not being of a royal bloodline, which makes it a coveted occupation especially for those who were retrenched from their jobs when other sectors bankrupted during the ‘gastrowave’. They are mostly very supportive of modern ideologies such as democracy as they often come from a non-royal background.